Cyndie Rauls

Cyndie can be found sculpting in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. Forever an artist, but only just recently living art full time, she has had work featured in 8 regional galleries so far in 2022 including Trout Museum’s juried ‘Contemporary’ show.  In addition, she was awarded honorable mention at WCVA’s (Wausau) Wood: Pulp, Paper, Print exhibition. 

Being somewhat of an outsider, Cyndie is deeply interested in the flow that artists experience while deep in creation.  This mosaic, “Imaginal Realm,” is her interpretation of the artistic process.  Becoming a full time artist in her 50’s has enhanced her JOY of creating art, and is reflected in her choice of bright colors.

  • “The ‘imaginal realm’ finds its native home in the heart. It can be accessed through a pervasive perennial awareness that shimmers with the perceptive acuity of deep wisdom, if we might only pay attention. Cynthia Bourgeault

The bulk of Cyndie’s sculptural work focuses on honoring the loss of the ash tree due to the emerald ash borer.  She sculpts from her studio in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve area of La Farge, Wisconsin. She resides with her husband, one-eyed dog, two black cats and eight chickens. She opens her house and studio to the public as a way to meet and connect with her community. Additional information on the artist can be found at




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