Malik Purvis

Malik John-Marc Purvis is a Chicago native, artist and educator who primarily works in image based media that uses concepts driven from mental illness and perceptual psychology to produce paintings that both question and portray the myriad of depictions and visual stimuli brought on by it.

Having matriculated in 2016 at University of Illinois Champaign Urbana (UIUC) he studied both Painting and New Media attaining both degrees with a minor in Art History. During his time at UIUC he studied both under a French school of painting at IAU: France (Institut Américain Universitaire). He later finished my studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art in May of 2021.

Malik has exhibited at Baby Blue Gallery, Richard Wright Gallery at Cook Lake College, Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Philadelphia), and was a resident at Ox-Bow in the fall of 2021.