Crown Shyness

Crown Shyness, ABSTRACTED
Crown Shyness
Sometimes trees can be a little too respectful of one another's boundaries. Or maybe they just stop growing when they get too close. The phenomenon is called crown shyness — when the tops of individual trees avoid touching in the forest canopy, creating separation lines and boundaries in the sky. It is suspected that the crowns do not touch each other for a survival technique of the tree itself. If the crown of the tree and its branches keep enough distance between them they may deter disease, and help with its survival. This is just a portion of the crown of the famous Banyan Tree in downtown Lahaina on Maui. Looking up from the ground I was taken with the pattern and color. An abstract view of this famous tree's canopy that seemed reflective and expressive reviewing a current problem we face today: social distancing.

ABSTRACTED (Photography)    12 x 18 x 2    $150.00 Sold   

Medium Used
Photo print on Aluminum


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